Summerize Group Exhibition

Artworks diverse in their creative beginnings and artists from the length and breadth of Greece come together in the ‘Summerize’ exhibition, being held in the summer of 2020 at the ROYAL BLUE hotel Resort & Spa in Panormo, Rethymno.

A hotel in the TROULIS ROYAL COLLECTION which is located beside the seaside, matching up the timeless Cretan hospitality and tradition with fine taste, luxury and contemporary design.

Crete is a land blessed and washed in sunlight. An ideal destination not only for summer but all year round. An island brimming with variety. Known for its strategic importance in the Mediterranean, Crete has a long history of struggle and resistance with a distinct tradition. It is also renowned for its literature and arts, its music, mythology and its indomitable, wild and ever-fertile beauty, and the welcoming, warm and imposing character of its people.

In ‘Summerize’, we encapsulate the sweet and–in the teeth of our present predicament – creative end of a summer, letting our selves go through our artworks to the start of Autumn.

The artists, presenting mostly large-scale works exhibited at the level of light, produce as how of a quite particular aesthetic, bringing influences both from summer as well as primordial Crete. Hues, motifs, textures and forms, all exuding the distinctive aura of Crete in perfect harmony with the special ambience of Blue Royal Resort & Spa Crete. The serene ambience of an elegant Cretan seaside village awaits.  All you have to do is to completely let go and treat yourself unconditionally.

Georgia Trouli

Visual Artist- Curator