Element-Environment-Energy Group Exhibition | Santorini Arts Factory

Restart Cultural Tourism Art Platform

Curator Georgia Trouli

Santorini Arts Factory – Tomato Industrial Museum D. Nomikos

Element – Environment -Energy   #group exhibition#

Through their numerous dynamics, the “3e” -element, environment, energy-encompass and influence life, action and development.

Each one is important in its own right: however, when interacting with the others, by all three developing their dynamic in unison, the significance of each one multiplies.

It begins at the natural level, increases exponentially and grows holistically when reaching levels of a distinct uniting energy, when all “3e” are continuously replenishing their essence and their point of reference.

When these axes find themselves in alignment and interaction with their frequencies, we have a concentration of energies, from which creations, actions and forms emerge. At times, an expansion of energy and consciousness in the manifold dimensions of life.

We are close to the nuclear core of personality, of relationships, of associated correlations, the achievements or calamities as well as the infinitude of a cosmic and universal consciousness.

Santorini, an island in the Cyclades, charged with energy forces positive and negative in value, is a nexus both geographically on the map of Greece as well as on the globe for its historical and mythological narrative. Today, apart from its tourism, it is a place for encounters and a melting pot. Its geophysical features render it quite unique. Archaeological remains, a volcano, layers of colour, diverse rock forms. At the same time, replete with attractions, tourism, art, history, the past, present and future. An island so savage and gripping, bare and bright, arid and alive.  Hostile and hospitable, to boot.

In this exhibition at the Santorini Arts Factory, we seek out the basic elements encapsulating form, the environment, which brings them out, and the energy from where they emerge as one. In a reality, where things evolve so fast at a personal, local and global level, each of us is called on to locate the energy through which one communicates, assimilates and reflects later on the environment.  An exercise in awareness, the orchestration of space and the expansion of experience.

These lection is one of particular gravitas. The exhibition and the synergy likewise. The sharpening of the senses and equilibrium, is at stake. The initial expression is the demand and the aesthetic result is the coalescence of the three spindles which interact on an island suffused with history, legend, tradition, eruptions, a pulse of beauty and contemporary life with people from every corner of the globe.

Georgia Trouli

Visual artist – Curator